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Laurel E Solmon Family Law Lawyer

Many people who consider divorce put it off because of the financial and emotional stress that comes with handling family disputes in court. However, there are many alternatives to the traditional court process. A skilled family law attorney is all you need to get started.

The Law Office of Laurel E. Solomon, PLLC, offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in settlement negotiation, collaborative law, and representation in mediation and arbitration for clients in Durham, North Carolina, and throughout the surrounding communities. We have more than 20 years of experience handling family law issues, including traditional divorce. As strong advocates for our clients, we use our resources to guide them through the entire process.

Hillsborough Divorce Settlement Lawyer Skilled in Negotiation

The most straightforward method in ADR is settlement negotiation. Our attorney, Laurel E. Solomon, represents clients in negotiation with their spouse’s attorney. We work collaboratively to reach a mutual, agreeable settlement on the issues regarding your separation without taking matters to court.

Collaborative Law

Similar to settlement negotiation, collaborative law allows spouses, in consultation with their individual attorneys, to negotiate the terms of their separation outside of court. However, each party must sign an agreement before negotiation dictating that they will seek new lawyers if they choose to litigate in court rather than resolve their differences in the collaborative process. This often encourages cooperation, because each party is more likely to be fully invested in the settlement process.

Handling Divorce Through Mediation and Arbitration

Laurel E Solmon Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and arbitration both involve a third party in the process. In mediation, both spouses and their attorneys work with a professional mediator, to negotiate an amicable settlement. In arbitration, this third party is a private judge who will determine the terms of the settlement based on evidence and testimony provided.

Though not a neutral mediator/arbitrator herself, our Durham divorce lawyer helps clients as their advocate throughout the process to make informed decisions regarding child custody and support, property division/equitable distribution and other family law issues.

We Are Here to Help You

Whatever your situation, our goal is to help you find the solution that best fits your needs and goals. We will give you up-front advice about your options, so you can make decisions towards the best resolution for your family.

Contact our office during normal business hours by calling 919-687-4577. You may also us an e-mail using our online contact form. We accept all major credit cards.

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